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Vintage Ploughs

Robert Haigh organised a vintage tractor ploughing contest in a field off Grainins Syke on May 3rd. The competitors were treated to a glorious day of sunshine in a field which was considerably more sheltered than the nearby open field. Ploughmen travelled large distances to take part. Ron Craven from Huddersfield said he had been a miner and had taken up ploughing after restoring his vintage tractor following his retirement. He said it is a very sociable hobby which his wife enjoys as much as he does.

Robert unfortunately did not have such a good day, having had problems all along with the plough clogging up. He will be hoping for better luck when he and many of the other ploughmen come back to Laxton during the History Day on 28th June. We shall look forward to seeing them a little nearer to the centre of the village where more people will be able to enjoy the specatacle.

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