Covid 19 Notices

Covid 19 Notices
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This page will be updated regularly with notices to keep readers informed. Please check regularly for the latest information we have for you.


First and foremost, a big thank you to all the members of our community who work for the NHS, the emergency services and to all the vital services and volunteers we are depending on in these unprecedented times. You are deeply appreciated. People in our community have volunteered to help those self isolating because of risk or age. Laxton and Moorhouse are strong on community and it is in such times we really see it. To ask for or to offer help please see Mike Jackson's contact details in the April or May Open Field or on the History Group notice board in the village.

Open Field

The magazine is now being printed as normal.

Pat's Plant Stall

Pat Naylor's plant stall is doing booming business. There are a variety of plants and some excellent potted planters.

Young Farmers' Scarecrow Challenge

Nottinghamshire Young Farmers have responded to the closure or cancellation of the events which would have enabled them to make money for their chosen charities by launching a Scarecrow Challenge. Scarecrows are springing up all over Laxton, and hopefully other communities to thank the Key Workers and to raise money for the NHS Charities Together. We have added an extra page to the 'Open Field' site where you can see photos of the scarecrows in the village. If yours isn't there, please send a photo to us using the Contact Us page.

Waste & Recycling

Residents simply need to revert back to their calendar and place their bins out on the normal collection day. As the routes have changed, we cannot guarantee that your bin will be emptied at its usual time so please place your bin out by 6.00 am.

Residents should also continue to put their critical waste (green/black bin) out for collection on their normal day by 6.00am.

Please note that no additional side waste will be collected.

ROB Service

The ROB recycling collections have resumed and hopefully most of you will have heard about it on the circulation email etc. Please put your glass etc out on alternate Tuesdays in the week of the silver bin collection.

Village Contact Scheme

There is an emailing list for villagers and those nearby who would like to be contacted directly with messages of importance at any time, and never more so than now. If you have not already done so you can provide Mike Manning, Chair of the Laxton & Moorhouse Parish Council, with your email address and he sends out notices such as those here as soon as he receives them. Please call him on 870844 to provide your details.

Oil Ordering

With everyone staying at home as much as possible and the weather turning colder we are liable to all be using more heating. Please remember to keep an eye on your tank as you may to need to order sooner than normal.

At the present time the price of oil is  much lower than we have come to expect.  It is expected that the next group order will be towards the end of July or August. Please notify if you think you will be ordering as if there is no demand the order will be deferred.

Web site about Laxton

You may be interested in the following web site, which is being added to the Links page: